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    A little about myself. I am about 5'7". Kind of thin but chiseled,about 135 lbs.
I'm 15 years old. I keep myself well groomed (clothes,hair,body,etc.). I am light brown.I was born in Houston at St. Joseph's Hospital on Nov. 21, 1983. I currently reside wherever I want.I have a girlfriend named Lekesia Brown Caselberry that I am very so much in love with.Most people consider me as a fair kind and generous guy,that won't take too much $#*@.

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My family consists of Smiths, Allens , and a few Caselberry's.My mom's name is Pandora Caselberry,my father is Clarence Petry.My grandparents are John and Delois Allen.I have a sister named Karen Caselberry.Godparents(also uncle,aunt,and cousin),James and Cynthia Smith along with James jr.My aunt is Wanda Caselberry (Prince),son Brandon.My uncle La-Sean Caselberry,and wife Marla,and son L.J.My greatgrandmother Mable Smith woh is 86 yrs. old.Family dog Tyson.And last but certainly not least,my lovely,and loving wife-to-be at this moment,Lekesia (Ke-Ke) Caselberry.


My friends are all really cool people (at times).They are Ke-Ke, Matthew (Bart) Donley,Anthony Young,Jonathan Tinker,Chas Moore,Brandon Ford,Chris Grant,My dad C.P.(May he rest in peace), and best friend Jesus Christ.


I like playing basketball a lot. I also play video games, preferably Playstation, and N64. Sometimes I write. At this moment I am working on my first book, the title is not final yet.I also like just chillin' sometimes or just vandalizing stuff.




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